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Why yes, I am a Cult member ;) Happy Valentines day! #bayside @baysideband @anthonyraneri
Daryl and I in our new hoodies #catsofinstagram @jonnycarcrash
Pickle in his new hoodie <3 #catsofinstagram @jonnycarcrash
Pickle approves of the cat tree @jonnycarcrash built!
Sleepy babies on New Year’s Day!! #catsofinstagram @jonnycarcrash
New pretty on the right. Xmas gift to myself :) #pandora #bling
Best Husband Ever!!!!!! Lost pilot signed by JJ Abrams!!!!! #lost #jjabrams
Mar wearing #MARZWORLD leggingz hehehe. @derbyskinz love from Hilton Head! (at Sand Castle, Hilton Head, SC)
#rivercitysound at #thedepot !

I never post text here unless it’s telling someone they can’t have my URL, but I feel like sharing what I have in the works.

Jonny and I are checking out our potential dream home on Friday, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s beautiful and ALREADY has a recording studio in the lower level. It also has a nice office space that I could convert to my office/studio. Talk about smitten.

Not Penny is getting back up off the ground. I am making jewelry again, and am planning some long nights of soldering. I plan to launch my blood slide necklaces (made to order) on June 30th to align with the Dexter premiere, so keep your eyes open!

My super fancy fanny packs will be available to order by the end of July. Not Penny may be making a small appearance at RollerCon with these super fancy fanny packs so…I need to nail down a product name.

I am doing some new graphic work for <a href=””>the Saints of Sorrow</a> and have a wedding invitation design project in the works.

Lots of exciting things happening around here. I just felt like sharing.